I am Jethro May, a web developer & writer from South Africa. I love writing code and I am lucky enough to do this as my job! I currently work for PlusNarrative, primarily developing websites using PHP. I have a strong passion for Laravel but I also work with React/Next.js and WordPress.

My goal for this website is to document and share what I learn throughout my career, creating a resource that other developers can use to learn the concepts I have become familiar with.

When I'm not coding i enjoy travelling and keeping fit.



  • Macbook Pro (2014)

    This is my main development machine which I use for the majority of my work. I do not need for a desktop machine these days, I can work from anywhere.

  • PHPStorm

    Having used many IDE's over the years, nothing comes close to the sheer power of PHPStorm. I do however use VSCode for a few projects at work.

  • Valet

    I recently made the switch from Homestead to Valet and i haven't looked back. It is a minimal development environment which suits my needs.

  • Docker

    I currently use Docker for my WordPress projects, I tend to use the same structure for each project, so this allows me to quickly spin up and reuse the same environment.

  • Tinkerwell

    I predominantly use this app when I need to interact with my databases, this tends to service most of my needs but I still find some use in TablePlus.

  • TablePlus

    Sequel Pro was my go-to database management tool for some time but when I tried out TablePlus I fell in love. It is extremely easy to use, visually appealing and the features are fantastic.

  • iTerm2

    Nothing comes close to iTerm2, it is a personal favourite and one of the first things that get installed when setting up a new machine.

  • Alfred 4 + Powerpack

    I only recently started using Alfred and it has been a game-changer, I cannot imagine working without it.

  • GitHub

    Over the years I have used GitLab, Bitbucket and GitHub for various projects. These days all of my public and private repositories sit on GitHub.